May 25th – 31st of May

For the session we started off with the topic speech generator. All of us picked a topic and researched about it for 3 minutes. Then we gave everyone a speech about the topic we researched about. Like I gave a speech about soda and I talked about how soda can destroy your health and teeth. Also I talked about different types of soda like: Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite and Lemonade.

Then we had to do a spy game and we had to pair up with our secret language partners. So imagine if you had to find out how many people were in a house. You and your spy partner had to find out with only some lights. You could not say anything to each other you could not yell, scream or have walkie-talkies. So then all of us came up with an idea and it was. If one light was open that meant that there was only one person in the house. But if the second light was open and the first light wasn’t. Then that meant that there were only 2 people in the house, keeps on doubling as the lights are on.

Then we talked about Instagram. We talked about how we could make another copy of it, to get 30 million dollars. Some people suggested to change the features and filters/posts and that was the end of the talk. Then we watched a video called “What if we used the whole capacity of our brain?” Then after watching the video we discussed about it one of the parents asked us “ because your brain is a muscle how can you make it stronger?” All of us said by practicing, some of us gave some examples like: trying the monkey bars. Then we discussed about our homework and that was the end of our session on the 25th of May.

Now my week has started:


We had numeracy, reading, writing, snack, humanities, respectful relationships, lunch and another maths lesson. Then I came home and I worked a little bit on this blog.


We had reading, art, snack, numeracy, humanities, lunch and writing. Then I came home and I worked on my Spectrum Tuition homework.


We had Italian, writing, snack, reading, numeracy, lunch and P.E. Then it was hometime and I came back and I wrote on this blog.


We had writing, reading, snack, numeracy, humanities, lunch and respectful relationships. Then I came back home and worked on my Spectrum Tuition homework.


We had a class party to celebrate for NAPLAN and to celebrate for getting a principal award for the whole class, first we watched a movie called Rock Dog then we ate some food. and thats when snack bell went. Then we had numeracy, reading, lunch and writing. Then when I came back I started working on my TIIIP project.

That’s the end of my week so hope I you enjoyed

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