My week from 3rd-9th June 2019

This week was very eventful as we had Eid, I played basketball, drew something and took MANY days off from school. In this blog, I’m going to recap the whole of last week and elaborate on the main events of that week.


This week we celebrated a once-a-year occasion called Eid. It’s celebrated by the muslims after a whole month of Ramadan in which we fast. We started off this exciting day by getting dressed and heading off to the Eid prayer in ICOM (Islamic College of Melbourne), we prayed and listened to a lecture by their school’s principal, we then wished everyone a good eid after the prayer and headed back home. I then ate a whole ton of food for breakfast with my family and we visited many family friends’ houses after that. Over all, it was a very exciting day and I hope next year’s Eid is even better.


On the weekend I went to the basketball court on my bike and played there for around 40 minutes. I can now touch the rim of the hoop (the hoop is 9ft tall, shorter than a usual hoop which is 10 feet) and have begun to develop my mid-range shot as well. I hope to be able to dunk on the 9-foot rim by the end of September.


In this week I did a drawing straight out of my mind. I thought of things on the spot and added them to the piece. It was fun to see what I could come up with and how I could execute it.

My many days off!

I took a LOT of days off in the week from school after Eid and it was very fun. Some of those days were like this because of the fact that I was sick but it was still very good 🙂 . I played video games, woke up very late and slept late as well. I hope more days like this come soon! 🙂

All in all it was very good and very eventful as well.

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