31st of May – 8th of June

This week was a fantastic week because it was EID (celebration for muslims).

On Monday we were getting ready for EID like we were putting banners up and we were cooking the food, all of us were super excited especially my sister and I.

On Tuesday we were getting ready to go to our grandma and cousins house for chan raat where we put mendhi (henna) on. I put some on both of my hands and it looked beautiful.

On Wednesday I and my sister were about burst with excitement because it was the EID day we first went to ICOM to do the EID prayer after that we were hungry so we went to Mac Donald’s (by the way it was our first time eating at Mac Donald’s for breakfast) it was delicious. Then we went back home because we were very tired, I and my sister didn’t want to go to sleep so then we kept awake.

(Still in Wednesday)

We were getting ready to go to our grandma and cousins house to give everyone their presents for EID, my mum was putting the presents she made in the car ( we had no idea what was in there), we all sat in the car after everyone was ready then we drove off to go to our grandma and cousins house.

I and my sister ran to the door and rang the bell we were buzzing with excitement, they opened the door and we ran in with full speed and there we saw a huge pile of 39 presents for everyone! I was extremely surprised. After an hour or so my Aunty called out “it’s time to open the presents!” Everyone ran to the carpet and my Aunty started calling out names for the presents at the end the family had a pile of presents on their laps. We opened them up when suddenly my Aunty said “ wait there is one last thing” and then she took out some chocolate chickens! I and my cousins were screaming with delight but then we looked around and more presents were there, my mum brought them and  then she gave them out. Then we stayed a little longer at their house but then we went back home.

On Thursday we had a normal day like I went to school and when we came back I was helping my mum get my brother’s party ready, like I helped her make the party bags and some of the food

On Friday we had the kind of a same day like Thursday but we were doing different things like:doing some more party bags, cooking food, cleaning up and setting up the table.

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