My week of 27th May


On Monday we took a day off from school so we basically just chilled at home.


On Wednesday we were split at school. If you don’t know what split means school wise here is a definition. Split means that if your teacher isn’t here then you will be divided into groups and be put in another classroom. Usually, we would have library session one but since there was no teacher to take us and my split class had art session one so we to the art room. In art, we got to play with playdough, lego or do some coloring at the split corner.

We also had science after recces. We just walked to the science room. In science, we drew a box wrote erosion in the middle. Then we drew lines connected to three other boxes. In one of the boxes, we wrote ice. Then in the second box, we wrote wind. After that in the third box, we wrote Water. Connected to those 3 boxes were three other boxes. In those boxes, we wrote places that were eroded by water, wind or ice. For example, the box that was connected to water I would write Uluru because Uluru was made by water erosion hundreds of years ago.


On Thursday we had camp. Camp was so much fun! As soon as we got out of the school bus we were divided into our activity groups, I was with my best friend! The first activity I did was the giant swing. The giant swing is basically a big swing and you have pull a rope, then there will be a chain reaction between the rope and the swing. Next, the person in the swing would pull a string to disconnect the swing from a rope and then the person goes swinging back and forth.

For lunch, we had chicken and corn soup. I didn’t really enjoy it though. But luckily dinner made up for it. After that, we did another activity with our whole activity group. We got one hula-hoop and everyone stood in a circle and held hands. Then we had to try to pass the hula-hoop around the circle without letting go of our the person’s hand your holding. it was a bit hard though. Then we headed over to the main hall and a person who works at the camp explained our next activity.

The activity was that we got to go on a scavenger hunt. I was part of the green group so I got the map that lead to the areas where the numbers where that were for the green group to find. After that we started to walk to the main hall to have some dinner. Dinner was nice because we had pasta and bolognese sauce. It tasted a bit good but dessert was even better. We had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. It was yummy in my tummy.

At Night

After that we got our cabins sorted out and I was with my best friend! We changed into our pyjamas and went back to the main hall. It was very dark outside since it was night time. At the main hall we watched Mulan. We didn’t get to watch the whole movie though since people started to fall asleep just sitting down on the carpet.

We walked back to our cabins and fell asleep. But me and my friends didn’t fall asleep straight away. We talked for at least for 4 hours. We ended up sleeping at 12 o’clock.

Friday, last day of camp

Finally, my alarm went off with was for 7:00 am. Everyone was asleep but I had woken up early so I could pack my things, brush my teeth and change my clothes in no hurry. I was finished in no time so I just brushed my hair and went to the main hall early while they were still setting up for breakfast. It was finally time for breakfast. For breakfast, we had some pancakes with maple syrup on top.

Our first activity was mountain bike riding. The bike I rode was a bit too big for me so I kept on falling off! My clothes got a bit dirty and people kept falling into puddles. But I made sure I stayed away from the puddles. Then we made damper which is made out of flour and water. Then we put it on a stick and cooked on a fire. It was really fun. After the activity was finished it was time to go so I grabbed my suitcase (while the others were still packing) and put it in the bus.

Finally all of us were in the bus and headed to school for our parents to pick us up. As soon as I got home the only thing I talked about was camp.

Camp was a lot of fun and so was my week!

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