My week of 3rd of June


On Monday at school we had art. In art we painted our object we chose last, last week. I first drew my picture I wanted to paint with a pencil and then I started painting my drum. I painted a waterfall in between to large rocks on one side. Then on the other side I painted a palm tree and a ocean. The palm tree was on the side of the drum and it was on top of a clump of sand.


Eid was on the 5th of June. If you don’t know what eid is here is a explanation Eid. On eid we went to lots of peoples houses and gave people eidi. Eidi is when you give money or gifts to someone on eid. I got $110 altogether since Kashif uncle gave me $20, from Bilal uncle I got $20, from my dad I got $50 and from Hiba aunty I got $20! The night before eid Adil uncle came over and gave me candies and gave me bangles! In the morning we went to the mosque to pray eid prayers at ICOM. On eid I wore a pink Gharara, if you don’t know what Gharara means heres a explanation Gharara. On top of the Gharara I wore a navy blue, full sleeved shirt.

Eid was a lot of fun.

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