Week # 18

After a break of 2 weeks, we resumed our sessions today. The main activity of the day was the presidential speeches, where they try to convince everyone that we should vote for them.

Saba’s video was cut short because of phone memory issues. Aleena didn’t prepare her presentation, she will do it next week. Here are the presentations from the day.

Fantastic stuff! We are pretty proud of our future presidents and prime ministers. It is fantastic to see the improvement in delivery and confidence!

15 Accidental Inventions You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without

This video of the day selected by Amir was quite informative and got all the kids pretty excited. We talked about their most and least favourite inventions and the reasoning behind it.


  • Next week, Aleena will present her presidential speech
  • Kids will learn about Google’s Game Builder and make a multiplayer game as a group on the 13th of July
  • Their weekly blog post should contain their most and least favourite inventions with reasoning

New Comers

Today a new family joined us. Ahmad, Kanza and Fatima. They will hopefully continue to join us every week.

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