Last week of the term

For this weeks session we watched a video about accidental invention. We where told to choose two of the inventions that are most useful for us now. I chose matches and vulcanised rubber.

The reason I chose matches is because without matches we would not have started the electrical light today. In the early 1800s John walker accidentally created matches when chemical got a wooden stick and when he tried to scrap the stick, it lit on fire.After the first matches where made they created candles, then lamps, then lightbulbs, and now. If the matches where not created , then lamps would have not been created, lightbulbs, now , wouldn’t exist.

I then chose vulcanised rubber because a lot of important things we use today are made of it. In the 19th century Charles Goodyear was attempting to improve the quality of rubber. One day he randomly decided to mix rubber, lime, magnesia and nitric acid. That was a birth to a great invention.We use vulcanised rubber as our tires, basketballs, bowling balls, erasers, toys etc.Can you imagine a world without these things?

My week started on Monday. As usual I woke up , did some studying then went to school. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too well so I left early at lunch to go to a doctors appointment. Nothing really happens on Tuesday. On Wednesday I gave my math teacher some presents for her soon to come baby girl.On Thursday we had a farewell party for her at lunch, we had so much candies we all got sick! Friday, last day of term, a day full of fun and enjoyable memories.

At our session, we first all presented our PowerPoints on why we should be president.After we all presented everyone voted on who they thought would be the best president. In the end Mahnoor had received the most votes.Wethen watched the accidental inventions video. We talked about the one we thought was the worst and best.We talked about the inventions.We where asked random questions about the video.After the session me, Eisa,Ahmad,and my dad went to the park to play some soccer and basketball.

This was my week I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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