My week from 10th to 16th June

In this week we had the day off because of the Queen’s birthday and we went to our family friend’s house. The most exciting thing about this week was going to the Brisbane Ranges with my family and taking some really good pictures. We also did the general things as well such as school.

The Queen’s birthday

On the 10th of June, we took a day off from school because of the Queen’s birthday. But it’s not actually on the Queen’s birthday, which makes no sense at all. I mean, if you’re going to have a public holiday called the “queen’s birthday”, you might as well have it on the actual day of her birthday.


The school was just as usual, I played basketball and did what I needed to in class. I’m VERY excited for this week because it’s the last week of the term!!!

Our trip to the Brisbane Ranges

We went to the Brisbane Ranges on Saturday and took some amazing pictures there as well.

The least important accidental invention in my opinion

I think that the least important invention is the waffle cone. In my opinion, I would be better off with some good-quality ice cream in a bowl. 🙂 (I couldn’t say chips as they are very addicting)

The most important important invention of ALL!

Coke! I love it so much. It was designed to be medicine but is now the most delicious and popular soft drink in the world! But all jokes aside, I think that vulcanized rubber is the most important as it is used for MANY things that we use today and without we would be more limited with the things we can do and use in our everyday life.

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