Recap last week

This week was different to all other weeks. On Monday we had arts and we were finishing off our drawings so that they could be printed. On Tuesday we had Japanese and we had to make games in Japanese. I was also really excited because I had my netball game on Wednesday. The next day we went to school a bit early because of my netball game game. We had played 8 games which had  4 quarters each.We lost only 1 game and won the rest. I played centre and wing attack. We came second but we couldn’t go to the grand final because the team in 1st place could only proceed. On Thursday I had a normal day. On Friday we always have a party with the preps by putting music on and having fun. On Saturday I had my study group in which we first shared our presentations about what would I would do if I was the president. After that we watched a video about 15 accidental inventions and some of them that I liked were, potato chips by George Crum {new York chef}, coca cola by John Stith Pemberton  {pharmacist] and safety glass by Edouard Benedictus {French chemist}. The ones w I didn’t really like were, ice cream cones and plastic. I had a great week.

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