Online session

This week we didnt meet up for our regular session but did it online instead.this week started off on Monday ,since my school holidays start a week earlier than other schools I had no company. The morning was spent either drawing or on my laptop, in the afternoon we got to go to high point shopping centre for some shopping, then at night i had my soccer training .On Tuesday me and my brother went cycling in the morning to the park. We played soccer and footy while there.

On Wednesday it was the same routine as Monday except for the fact we did a little baking together.On Thursday we also went to the park and had a lunch at our place.On Friday I was practically just moaning that we had used up one week of our holidays to nothing and it had passed, but also having the time of my life because we attended the winter city night festival. What it is, is a festival in a place where you can walk around the streets and see many performers. We saw the DJ, the three stuntman’s, a woman chandelier , people with loooong legs, and fire stuntman’s. Not only that, there where also a lot of activities. They included penguin candle making, neon tp painting, and lots more.We also ended up meeting our friends so that made the day even better.

On Saturday we had a different type of meeting. As you may tell by the title it was online instead of gathering together in person.We had a Skype call and we where discussing what we where going to have to do for our project. Our project was to create a game on ‘steam game builder’ as a team.On the call we first understood downloading the software and opening it. After that we where told how to use the app,and we where getting comfortable with the game.Nearing the end we started playing the tutorial.We shared our screens so we Kew who was doing what, and identify if anyone needs improving or is doing something wrong.


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