1st of July – 5th of July


On Monday I stayed at home and studied first I ate my breakfast and then I started studying I was writing the story that I had to write. Then I had a little break and I just stayed on my iPad. I ate lunch afterwards and I went to wake my brother up because he was sleeping. Then I went back to writing and I wrote out the plan then watched tv.


On Tuesday I went out with my mum, sister, brother, Aunty and her daughters. We went to watch a movie called “ Aladdin” I enjoyed it a lot, then we went to get some ice-cream I got a chocolate flavoured one, it was delicious. Then we had to go back home and it was a 50 minute drive, then we got back home.


On Wednesday I went to a painting class and I painted an apple I was doing still life paintings. When it was finished my mum picked me up by car and then we went for shopping. Then I came back and wrote my draft for the story.


On Thursday I stayed at home, and first I ate breakfast, then I wrote the whole story in my neatest handwriting but it was less than 300 words so I had to write it all over again.


On Friday I first went to a centre with family friends from my school and we had a lot of fun. Then I went to a class where they teach about Islam, then right after that we went to chadstone shopping centre and there we went to a restaurant called ‘PapaRich’. It was a Malaysian restaurant so that’s why I ate noodles and some laksa with my dad.

This was my week! Hope you enjoyed!

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