Week 19


So we first started off with my speech/presentation about “what would I do if I were prime minister”. Then we started talking about the six hats and then we had to give speeches about homelessness. Then we ate some food and we started with the video “how to learn anything faster”, we talked about things that we wanted to learn like fractions, cooking. etc. We kept on talking about it till we came to the point that we were going to have a talent show within five weeks! Then we talked about what we had to do for our homework.

My week:


Finally it was the last week of term 2, I first had numeracy, reading, recess, writing humanities lunch and respectful relationships. Then I came home and worked on this blog.


On Tuesday I first had reading, art, recess, writing, humanities, lunch and  a little game of dodgeball. Then I came home and watched tv.


On Wednesday I first had Italian , writing, recess, humanities, reading, lunch and numeracy. Then I came home and I worked on my Spectrum Tuition homework.


On Thursday I first had respectful relationships, numeracy, recess, writing, reading, lunch and humanities. I started making my plan for my skill to learn.


On Friday I first had numeracy, reading, recess, humanities, a little game because we had to leave early. Then I came home in a relaxed way because it was holidays!

This was my week, hope you enjoyed!

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