2nd week of holidays

This week started on Monday. It was quite exciting because I got to go to my dads office for the first time. When he took use we sat in a small study corner. We sat their, did some work, watched some videos, drew, pretty much anything to keep us from dying of boredom. After that my dad got me a fruit salad( Because they are delicious), my brother some hot chocolate and Malteasers for all of us to share. Nearing the end of our visit our dad showed us around the building.

 On Tuesday me and eisa went cycling and then went for soccer training on Wednesday I had a cupcake and cookie session. Me and one of my friends went to this place to make cookies and cupcakes. When we reached their we sat down with the rest of the people attending we realized we where the oldest. When I say oldest I don’t mean 2 or 1 years older, I mean 5 or 6! It was both embarrassing and funny but we had a great time.I made 5 cookies and she made three. My friend originally made one cookie and she spend for ever decorating it, then when the chef said that its time to put the cookies in the oven she smooshed her cookie! I looked at her like I saw a ghost and she started laughing, on top of that she took a cookie cutter and randomly made a hole In the middle of the cookie.

On Thursday me, my mum and eisa and some family friends went to breakfast at Jamaica blue. I had a scone with cream like always, and a raspberry white chocolate smoothie, It was delicious. After eating we decided to roam the shopping centre so I quickly put my jacket in the car. When we finished roaming a thought came t my head ‘WHERE IS MY JACKET’ my mum and I began to panick. I ran to Jamaica Blue to ask them if they saw it then after a failed attempt I ran to the information desk to check the lost and found, and I couldn’t find it. At that point I ran  out of possibilities so I told the information desk to call me if they found it. I went to the car upset and had to put the bag in the boot so when I opened the boot THERE WAS MY JACKET! That was a scary experience. On Friday we just went for prayers at the mosque. On Saturday we had a call about the game we are building.

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