8th of July – 12th of July

My week:


I first started by eating breakfast, then writing my story (climate change) I had already finished the first one. So then I kept on writing until I had 300 words ( it was my draft), then I watched T.V. Then I helped my mum pack things in boxes because we were shifting to my grandma’s/cousins house.


On Tuesday I woke up a bit late, so first I ate my breakfast and then watched T.V. Afterwards I wrote the whole real essay of climate change and I was lucky because I wrote 300 words.


On Wednesday I first started with eating my breakfast, then I helped my mum pack some things (for shifting), then I sat down to do my Spectrum Tuition homework. I finished that and then I watched T.V with my brother (Ziyad) and my sister (Aida).


On Thursday my mum was cooking dishes because guests were going to come on Friday. First I ate my breakfast and started writing my brand new essay (my life as an airplane). Then I helped my mum clean.


I got all ready because people were coming over, I ate my breakfast, while waiting for them I watched  T.V. “Ding Dong!” The doorbell rang and our first guest was here. Then they kept on coming, my mum made some rice and some coffee pudding. Then my dad came home early because my mum was going to a Islamic lecture. While my mum was gone, I watched “Peter Pan” with my dad, sister and brother.

This was my week, hope you enjoyed!

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