First week back to school!

Hooray back to school time (that was sarcastic) This week was the most boring week of all because we barely did anything. Monday was our first day of school after a three week holiday. We got to meet two of our new teachers as the old ones left on maternity leave. We were in shock at first and thought we were going to suffer for the rest of the term but now we have started to get used to them. After coming home from school we had soccer as always. In my training, i got kicked on the stomach with studs and felt really sick.

On tuesday, I didn’t feel like going to school because my stomach was hurting was the soccer mishap. But we had to go …lucky for me there was so much traffic, we had to go back home and miss school. I had a good rest the entire day and was fresh for school on Wednesday. Soccer on wednesday went well.

On thursday, we had sports. We met our new sports teacher. We did a beep test but the measurements came out wrong so everybody failed. We will be having them again next week. We also had a unexpected fitness test. It was very tiring; we had to do burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and planks.

When we finished school and got into the car there was a bad smell. We where not sure where it had come from.The entire ride we where putting lotion on our hands and block the bad smell.When eisa stepped out of the car his shoes where covered in animal poo. We had to clean the car and eisa’s shoes thoroughly for the smell to go away.

Today is friday and here i am sitting and typing my blog.

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