last week of holidays

As always my week started on Monday, we had some family friends come over from Sydney to stay at our house for three days. They where a family of four, the mother, father , 1 year old baby boy and a 5 year old boy. On Tuesday we all went to a mutual friends house for dinner. When we got there the lights went out. The entire night we had candles everywhere. At one point it was too unbearable so everybody came to our place.

On Wednesday the 5 year old boy had a bath and the mother left him in the tub with the tap on and went down stairs.After my mum began to get worried the mother went to check on her son.When she opened the bathroom door a small wave of water released and flooded MY bathroom and room. My mom came running upstairs. To make sure nothing happened to the 1 year old baby i ran downstairs to see our pantry and bathroom flooded and it RAINING in our laundry. It was a hectic week.

Nothing else happened except on Saturday i had a lip balm and soap making session which was pretty cool.

That was my week, thanks for reading.

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