My Holidays, from 28 June to 12th July

On the holidays my dad went to Las Vegas, America and Vancouver, Canada for a business trip for 10 days, My mum, my brother and I stayed at home. We would face- time my dad so we could stay in touch. Usually, we would go to the shopping center and I would get toys. These are the toys I got a waffle maker and a baby. The whole group was working on our game builder project. If you have no idea what I’m talking about here’s the plan. So our whole group is making a game, it is a race track, it should have obstacles, power-ups, decorations, a road, a finish line, and an end line. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins. I thought it was really fun, in fact, I made my own game just for fun. It’s a city and it has a river and a few houses. On Sunday my dad came back from Vancouver.

I had pretty relaxing holidays.

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