My week from 8th-14th July

In this week I played basketball, went to Werribee Plaza and my dad came back from his bussiness trip to Canada. The saddest part of this whole week was watching the holidays evaporate into nothingness.


I played basketball at a court near my house and worked on my layups, and jumping higher in order to dunk and have gotten very close to the rim, I can also make a layup every time. I think my practice will help me significantly in the inter-school tournament for basketball.

Going to Werribee Plaza

We went to Werribee Plaza in this week as well, my sister bought a few toys and we also got some delicious food. The Chip Corner and Bubble Cup are awesome and I think everyone should try it.

My dad’s return

My dad came back from hist business trip to Vancouver, Canada and I asw extremely happy. He came back in the morning and brought me a hat which said “Canada” on it and also brought my sister a Husky plushy. It was very good to see him back home as I had missed him.

The last day of the holidays!!

Noooo!! The holidays will end after Sunday and I am not looking forward to it at all!!! SCHOOL stand for “Seven Cruel Hours Of Our Lives” for a reason and I am very sad about going to school.

This week was moderately eventful and if you do not count school starting as an event, then it was very good.

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