Should mobile phones be allowed to be used in the classroom by students?

Allowing mobile phones in the class is an intriguing topic of discussion these days. It can be a distraction for students and a nuisance for teachers. However, it also helps students integrate technology and education together.

Nowadays most students have mobile phones and are hooked on to them all day long. Unfortunately, this includes the school time. The teachers get extremely frustrated when some numskull’s phone rings or they start getting distracted by it during the lecture. Even worse is when most of the class is on their phone and giving zero attention to the lecture.

Allowing phones in class allows the students to work with technology and learn at the same time. Phones can be used for making a quick video for a project, to display mini notes during a presentation or even a quick way to lookup information on the internet. At the same time rules are needed as well to limit their use and keep the students happy.

After stating everything, I believe phones should be allowed in class with rules about their usage. This could all result in a better learning environment as students know that they can use them later on if they concentrate on the lecture being given in class.

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