Should we use mobile phones while driving?

Mobile phones and driving usually don’t go well together. Using these devices distracts us as drivers which result in crashes. However, we should still be able to use them in hands-free mode or in case of an emergency.

Ever since the portable phone was released, drivers have been hooked onto them. Unfortunately, this has resulted in countless accidents involving the driver getting distracted. These drivers need to concentrate on the road instead of their devices because not only are they putting their own lives in danger but the people around them as well.

However, this doesn’t mean that mobile phones shouldn’t be usable in an emergency. They can also be used if it is on hands-free mode. Hands-free mode allows the driver to focus on the road and use verbal commands to work the device.

Mobile devices, in my opinion, should be usable if they are in hands-free mode or if it is a life-threatening situation.

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