Week # 20

After the school holidays, we resumed the sessions this week. The main event for the day was the kids presenting the game they have been working on.

We started the day with a detailed conversation around online security and privacy. As a lot of the kids have phones and use tablets, I felt it was important to discuss how kids can protect themselves against the bad actors over the web.

Some simple tips we concluded with:

  • Better passwords. Don’t use names and make sure to have a mix of numbers and characters
  • Don’t always use the same password
  • Don’t share photos that might lead to personal information
  • Assume that everything being shared is public
  • Never share any personal details with unknown people

After this conversation, the kids started their demo of the game they built using Google’s Game Builder. Here are a couple of videos showing the multiple player game where kids go head to head against each other. Then another video explaining how they did it.

We also have a couple of new additions to the group. Zoha and Zubair, who will be joining us every week.

Next week, the kids are presenting their newly learned skills in the past few weeks. Should be an interesting couple of hours and I am looking forward to it.

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