last week’s recap #13

 This week was busy. On Monday I had a holiday from school because it was children free day! Do I stayed home, studied and also had fun. On Tuesday I went to school and I had performing arts. This term we were learning how to play a ukulele but I had already learned it in my old school. Wednesday was a normal day except that I had arts and in arts we were looking at drawing 3D pictures like fruits as well as shading. On Thursday I had library and I helped them clean it. It was a mess. On Friday I had P.E and we were playing basketball and also for people who didn’t know how to play it they could have a chance to learn a new sport. Saturday I had my study group in the morning and we had presented our game we made on game builder and after that we had talked about how hackers hack into our devices and how we can solve it. In the evening I had some of my dad’s friends coming over with their kids over for tea. I had lots of fun.

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