My week from 15-21st July

On Monday it was our first day back at school. At school, we didn’t do a lot much since our teacher was still organizing our timetable for the term.

On Tuesday we had Library and Music. In library, I borrowed Yotsuba 5 and Yotsuba 13. In Music class, we went through some rules and expectations, things like don’t touch the instruments and put your hand up to talk.

On Wednesday we had science. In science, we learnt about the word attract conductor. This term we are focusing on heat.

On Thursday we had French and P.E. In French we learnt the word francophone. After that, we had to say the french numbers up to 20. We had to memorize them on the holidays and of course, I did 😏. At the end of the day, we had P.E. We played games like tag and beanbag bocce.

On Friday we had free time so I just played the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD CALLED AQUA PARK.IO.

My week was pretty good.

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