My week from 15th-21st July

In this week we practised for the basketball in school, we also went to school and had our first cooking lesson.

Basketball Practice

An inter-school basketball tournament was being held and I was chosen to take part out of a select few. Because this event was very close by, we worked very hard on our basketball skills. This included dribbling, shooting layups and passing. I think our team will do well as we work well together as a team and we are very skilled.

Cooking in school

We began our cooking lessons with our teacher this week and it was very fun. She taught us how to make truffles and they were very delicious once we were done making them. The recipe was very simple ad consisted of cocoa powder, desiccated coconut, condensed milk and last but not least…. Marie biscuits!!!

This week wasn’t very eventful but I look forward to next week because we have the inter-school sports tournament. It will be very exciting to play indoor basketball for the first and against other school at that as well.

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