21st – 26th July

This Saturday session was our first from three weeks. It was the most fun session of all. We first gave in our three assignments from the holidays which where the ‘my life as an airplane’ , ‘My wonderful life’ and ‘climate change’. After we handed our assignments we previewed our game.

Over the holidays we built a racing game using the program game builder . We explained how we made it, starting by assigning each other to be a builder coder or planner.Me and Aleena where the planners. Mahnoor, Shaherbano and Saba where the builders. Ahmad and Alamgir where the coder and finally the parents where the judges. We played a game to show how everything works. We played in three teams, and Ahmad’s team ended up winning.The parents then told us that in the next weeks we should add more with the knowledge we retained from using the application.

After we finished talking about the game we had a discussion about cyber security.Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.In more simple words , keeping safe when online.we discussed how one tiny leak could lead to a flood, for example; If someone found out your email password they can get all your data because through email they could reset the passwords for your apps and websites.We talked about how we can stay safe.

This week was the most boring week because we did nothing but go to school and soccer on Monday and Wednesday. The only thing interesting thing that happened was that i got badly hit with a ball on the face leaving me with a bruise.

that was my week i hope you enjoyed reading about as i did writing it.

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