22nd of July – 26th of July

The session:

We first discussed about hackers and being on the internet, so we talked about how to protect yourself on the internet and having a better password, not talking to any strangers, don’t share your personal information. Then Ahmad played our game and gave a demo of how to play.

My week:

Monday:On Monday I first had maths, reading, recess, writing, humanities, lunch and writing again. Then I came home and worked on my Spectrum Tuition homework.

Tuesday:On Tuesday I first had writing, reading, recess, maths, humanities, lunch and respectful relationships. Then I came home and I watched some T.V.

Wednesday:On Wednesday I first had Italian, maths, recess, writing, reading, lunch and P.E. Then I came home and I worked on this blog, also I helped pack thing in boxes because I was shifting houses.

Thursday:On Thursday I first had reading, writing and recess. My school closed at 12:15pm because it was parent, teacher meeting day. When I got home I helped my mum packing and then I did my Spectrum Tuition homework.

Friday:On Friday I first had maths, writing, recess, reading, STEM ( stands for:science, technology, engineering and mathematics.), lunch and humanities. Then my mum and dad took us to our new house and it looked amazing.

This was my week, hope you enjoyed!

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