My life as an ant 🐜

Life is difficult for us ants, every step of the way one or more of us dies. But for now, let us talk about the good things about life. Oh and I almost forgot, Our enemies are humans. . All we do is bite for our defence. It is a bit harsh but we got to do what we got to do. We are so tiny and you humans are scared of us. Imagine our position, we think you guys are bullies and monsters.

Anyway, food is really easy to find since our tiny bodies can get through anything. Let see..whats for breakfast? Aha..oh wait thats just a baby ant curled up in a ball, sleeping. Oh well..hmmmm..oh a piece of….let me take a sniff. Oh it’s a delicious piece of sugar. We all live on top of a beige c-c-c-c- I can’t little brain can’t function. Wait I don’t think it works like that. Ohh it’s carpet. My crew is calling me for the queen ant lecture in the town hall.

That lecture was really boring. The only thing she talked about was herself. I crawl myself to the sugar draw and chew on a huge bite of a biscuit(a crumb). Woah.. the biscuit is shaking. I turn around and there is a human right in front of me! She’s screaming “don’t worry all I am gonna do is lift you up and put you in a safe home”. I knew she was trying to kill me. She picked me up and squished my body and KILLED ME…..🔪

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