my life as an ant

Lighting struck, everybody ran back into their holes. Some fellow ants couldn’t make it as their house got struck. Luckily I dig my whole deep in enough for me to be safe. See the thing is that I live alone so it is easier for me to organize my self. 

Every morning I wake up and get cleaned. Then I make breakfast for myself it take about 2 to three minutes. As I already have my food? Every day before going to bed I go and get myself some food. The humans drop little scraps of food which is useful for us. Sometimes when we are hunting for food we get killed by big foots (humans). My best friend got killed a week ago.

In my free time I go swimming with my peers. Even to the park sometimes. I can live in any place I want. That is because I really don’t need a comfy bed I am a rough and tough ant. i am not scared of anything.

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