My life as an ant

Last week’s recap #14

Hi, I’m lily the ant and I will tell you about my life as an ant. I am tiny and I have six legs. I have a million friends. Also there is a king and queen who we have to worship. I live in holes. I can be found anywhere.

             Firstly we have to be careful while searching for food because humans, and animals can squash us. Secondly we have to respect and obey our fellow ants and of course the king and queen. Lastly we all have duties like, I have to listen to everyone’s ideas (leader of everyone except some).

                      My routine for the whole day is…… in the morning I get up and get out of my hole then I wake up everyone else. Than we search for food. It takes a couple of hours to find it and we also get squashed sometimes. At night we eat a bit of our food from all the storage we had collected. Soon we all go to sleep.

               Being an ant is fun but also sad when our friends get squashed and being tiny is a good thing because we can go through small places. I have a wonderful life.

                                                                     THE END!!!!

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