My life as an ant

“Everbody drop your finding in the queens chamber!” I stare at how long the line is. With a berry on my back I look back at my best friend Remmie who was standing behind me with a crumb on his back. “We give all our food to ONE QUEEN” Remmie said wiping his face ” She must be really fat!!” Me and Remmie chuckle with our eyes closed. We slowly open our eyes and sigh. I look around and everyone was staring at us. Uh oh.My dad was one of the royal guards began walking towards me.

“Alistar…” I looked up at my insanely tall dad. I gulped. “eh…dad! whats up, your looking great!” hesitant I had to break the ice “Alister.. we have to talk…. in private” People stopped staring except for the hugins who where laughing and mocking me while my dad takes me behind a pebble ” You need to start to be an Ant-” “But I am an Ant” I interrupted.”I mean, you need to stop mucking around and accept your responsibilities”dad pointed towards the guards “Dad!I don’t want to be a royal guard, I want to be an .. an… an ……inventor” I stuttered.”What did you say? I could not hear you” “NOTHING!” I take one big step back and give one last glance at my dad and ran away. I go over the queens hill, pass the picnic basket and to my secret inventing studio. I grabbed a paperclip and. screwed it onto a machine “Voila! the food collector 6000 is finished!” I think to myself; hopefully. this will make my dad think of me more than a useless ant.

I drag the beautiful masterpiece inside the queens hill. When my dad noticed my presence he immediately was alarmed “Alister what are you doing here?” I run past him and signal him to come with me.I usher past the guards and to the queen . As soon as I lay eyes on her I immediately stop and slow down “ Your majesty , my name is Alister Serro and I would like to show you my invention” the queen raises her antenna “…..invention?” My dad looks at me in what looks like confused disappointment. “This invention of mine collects food for us and brings it right here to your hill. I call it the food collector 6000” I take a breath in waiting for a respond “hmmmmm… its …its……..BRILLIANT, ITS BRILLIANT!” The queen arose from her throne and began clapping.”What?” My dad was surprised “Really?!” I grew the biggest smile anyone could every.”Your invention will start a new revolution of Ants survival, I will call it the ‘Alistoratol Revolution’ I Turned around and a crowd of Ants began clapping and carried me out the hill.As they put me down my dad put his hand on my shoulder and lovingly said “I’m proud of you”.

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