My life as an ant

My life is always eventful. I either see my life flash before my eyes as a huge foot attempts to crush my body. If being almost crushed every other day isn’t sufficient, it’s also very hard for me to find food without almost dying. But, there are some benefits of being an ant. I can fit into the tiniest places and listen to the humans gossip without them knowing I’m there. I’m going to take you through a general day of mine in this text.

I wake up in my tiny hole that I managed to find in a wall and scurry myself out ready to find something to eat for the day. My house from the inside is a tunnel network that has many different rooms dedicated to different things. For example, one room is dedicated to waste. My 1,000 friends and I spent a very long time on it and turned out amazing. Speaking of friends we all came out of the hole in order to get food. We have so many rooms and our whole house could possibly be taller than a human. But they don’t know that, because all of it’s underground. You see, we want to hide from the humans and that’s the best way to not only hide from them but the rest of the predators that are out lurking out for food. Enough talking about my home, it’s time for breakfast!

I come out to find the rays of the sun kissing me. I turn to my left to see a huge black figure lying on it’s side. It’s just what my friends are looking for…. food. I crawl as quickly as I can to the crow and start off by crawling to the top of the crow and begin to feast on it’s eyes. The best part, in my opinion. My pincers break down the eye like a hammer and I swallow. That’s breakfast done. After I’m done, I beckon my friends to help me gouge out the eye. Once it was yanked out I begin to carry it to our home and put into the food room, the eye probably weighs twice as much as me. Ants are known to be very strong for our size and weight. I begin to walk back to the crack in the wall and I hear a huge scream coming from somewhere very close to me….. Oh no!

Everything becomes dark as if nightfall has fallen upon me. I turn around to see a human looming over my body and screaming itself to death. I begin to run as quick as my six legs can and I look to my side to see her foot suddenly coming down. The ground shook as if an earthquake had just occured, I move at full speed to get back to my home and my fate falls upon me in the form of a shoe. I write this in my last minutes alive to show what millions of ants like me go through….. Goodbye world…. (x_x)

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