my life as a tiger

ROAR I’m billy the tiger and I have 4 legs. I live in a jungle with my family and friends. When I’m hungry I search for animals and any type of food I can eat. My best friend’s name is Malibu. She is kind and helpful. My routine…….

                In the morning roar out load so that everyone can get up and get ready for the day. Then we all go together to search for food. We search for a couple of hours and then we come back home and rest. In the afternoon we go and have a drink from the pond and river. At night we eat and go to drink water again so we don’t get thirsty. We do this every day but sometimes we already have enough food from our previous searches.   

                 I have a wonderful life. If you all think that it is hard to roar so out load well that’s not true. My voice is supposed to do this. It is easy for me. I have a good eyesight. I can see things far away from me. I sleep for about 9 hours a day.

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