my life as a tiger

The sun shone above me, which made me feel really cozy as I spent my whole night hunting for animals. Now you must be wondering why bother doing it at night, where you cannot see a thing. See the thing is that my eyesight is exceptionally good, particularly at night. My eye has been designed to see very well in the dark. In normal daylight, I see about as well as the humans do. At night, though, my vision is about six times better than that of a human being. So it is easier for me to hunt and that all the animals are asleep so I don’t have to do any chasing.

My resting and grooming lies between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. I know that’s only 8 hours of sleep but that’s all the time I have for relaxation. I love taking baths because it help keep my selves cool during the hottest parts of the day especially at 3.00 pm. You know I have been thinking maybe I need to order a Jacuzzi for myself. As I am probably the hardest working animal of all time. I wonder when the lion is going to retire, I can see my future In his throne.

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