My life as a tiger

My life is exciting. I’m the emperor of the jungles in China and all the animals know my name…. Scar. I’m going to take you through my day in the jungle.

I wake up from my longest nap yet… it lasted for 24 hours.. a whole day! Usually my naps last from 18 to 20 hours everyday. I get up from the rock that I plotted which is near my new breakfast. My unique stripes stretch across the rocks. Now it’s time to hunt.

I see the deer. I lay low in the dry grass, careful to not step on any twigs I slowly bend my legs and jump. The best feeling world in my opinion. I soar through the air, my orange and black fur moving wildly. I open my mouth to reveal my razer sharp teeth, the tiger has seen me. But it’s too late for her. I dig my teeth in to the deer and I also see is a pool of red dripping on the rough, coarse, hot dirt. The deer’s eyes stare with absence, as if the soul has been sucked out of it’s body. I start at it’s neck and tear it into pieces, the raw pieces of flesh give me a sense of satifaction. It’s time to head home…

I suddenly hear a twig snap behind me. My red-dyed face turns towards the sound to see hyenas. We begin to slowly walk in a circle, each giving the other a stare of death. Then suddenly they all jump at me. I smirk. “I’m the third biggest animal in the world! They have no chance!” They come, I grab the first one by the neck and drag him to the ground, it whimpers and evades, leaving me alone. The other two came at me at once. I turn to the right, stand on two feet and push one of them to the floor and then bite the other, my blood-dyed face drips blood as I limp back to my rock, ready for the next prey.

So that’s my story.. thank you for listening.

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