My life as a tiger 🐅


Okay let’s face it, I’m not the king of the jungle, the lion is 🙄. Although I am stronger and better then the lion. The lion is really raw and “power and strength” and that’s why I’m not the king of the jungle. Anyway I just woke up and decided to to write on me favourite rock. The humans use a pencil? But I just use my claw. Hmm time to get some breakfast, I have some leftover water buffalo. This is absolutely delicious. YUMMY. Now that’s not all. Lets see, what have the boys put on the roble (rock+table=roble), antelope, My favourite. For breakfast that’s all I need for the old choppers.


Now it’s time to hunt. I sneak behind the bush and watch every animal walk by. All of them are going to the big rock. Oh its because they’re having a feast but only the lions, cheetahs, pumas, leopards and tigers aren’t invited since we’re the “big animals”. But I don’t care since it’s the best place to find my prayer. I go to the bush that’s the nearest to the feast and hide until my pray, the amber deer, is close to me. Ohh it’s here, and jump, scratch, and time to bring it home and feast for lunch.

Lunch and play fighting

Everyone sits on the green grass while I put the food on the roble. We dig in with our nails. When we’re done with lunch I promised my baby boys I would play fight with then so that what I’m going to do after lunch. We went to a place that had a soft ground so that my boys wouldn’t get hurt. Finally we found a soft place. I first pretended to scratch both of them but in defence they took a punch. I have to stop “writing” since I don’t want anyone to bump into my rock. Play fighting was fun but it is dark outside so we have to go get dinner.

Dinner and bed time

My cousin brought a beautiful, fresh elephant calf. Yum yum. I have to help clean all the blood of the roble since we invited a moose over and they’re coming tomorrow. I actually am going to go behind they’re back and scratch them. It is time to go to bed good night.

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