My life as a tiger

My name is Alamgir and I am a tiger. I am 10 years old live in the jungles of Bangladesh. I weigh about 400 pounds and love to eat Deer and Wild Boars. When I go hunting I rely on my sense of sight and sound. I stalk my prey to get up-close before jumping them. I can eat about 88 pounds of meat at one time. We usually have about 3 to 4 cubs 2 years and after the cubs mature, they leave home and find their own territory. If all the cubs from one litter die than a new litter can be born within 5 months.

Life isn’t easy for us tigers though. Our homes are being continuously taken away from us and this is leading us closer and closer to human territory. This leads to conflict between our species. Poachers are also a big problem for us as they hunt us for money and fun. There are less than 3600 of us left in the wild which is a massive decline when compared to our population at the start of the 2000s which was over 100,000 tigers. If humans don’t stop destroying our homes soon, we will go extinct.

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