My life as an ambulance.

I can’t think of anything more horrifying than my life. I see so much that is hard to erase from anyone’s memory. You see, my life can be seen as a rollercoaster, exciting yet scary. Very scary. Everyday is a challenge yet is still filled with action. Organs, blood, people suffering. My daily life centers around these things. But something is always being strengthened inside me. That strength comes from every trip and every operation. Hope is what keeps me alive, and that is what keeps my patients alive as well…

Never forgotten..

The things I’ve seen can be described as a pen and eraser. You can try to erase the memory of the suffering all you want, but the pen is always there, never fading away. I think that’s what makes us the most perservering people of any career. It’s something very bold to say, but it’s true. The amount of blood we’ve seen is probably worth around three people. We’ve seen three times more amount of blood than an average human. At least.


I’ve seen a patient’s stomach opened up, skin peeling away from the working intestine. It was as if the skin was trying to escape from the bloody mess as much as I was. The tears of the man dropped like waterfalls, mixing in with the sweat that covered his ripped shirt. I sat beside the man attempting to help him perservere through the pain, but the only thing that managed come out of my mouth was, “It’ll be fine.”, I didn’t know what else to say. That is what I see every day, it’s as if my life orbits around these things. Which may be true…


Hope. It’s what keeps me from crying through the night thinking about what I had seen earlier on in that day. The hope that they will live, that they will be able to see they’re family again, if it wasn’t for that hope then I don’t know what would’ve happened to me by now.

Hope, fear, blood. That’s my life. Thank you for listening to what my life is like. I think it’s necessary for people to know what our life’s like maybe that will change their point of view on what it really like.

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