My life as an ambulance

Have you ever been on an ambulance before? Well I’m mille the ambulance and I’m going to tell you all about my life. First of all do you all even know what an ambulance is? It is a car that is used for emergencies like when someone breaks their leg or have a heart attack.

                  I have four wheels/legs. I need to be cleaned every week or two. I am allowed to break traffic signals and some of the laws but not all of them. I can carry 6 people in the back and 2 in the front. If it is not an emergency everyone has to wear seatbelts. I have about 20 emergencies in a week. People might think that this would be an easy work but boy they are wrong. For food I have petrol and gas. It helps me survive from dyeing.

                      To conclude I would say that being and ambulance is really tiring and it needs lots of hard work. Never think that anything is easy because it all takes hard work. Never give up and keep on trying.   

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