My life as an ambulance

Ring is the voice that wakes me up every day. The first thing I hear when I get up isthat a life is on the line hurry get ready we need to leave. Not a single day has gone where I have heard the word good morning. You know how people think that superman and batman are the world’s heroes. Clearly that’s not the case I am the one who really is the hero. Sometimes I have to break laws to get to my destinations. You might have heard my siren it is an indication for the cars to move out of my way. No one has saved more people than me. Every single day carry my patients to the hospital sometimes they don’t make it. Every day I come home with red stains all over me. Trust me it’s not easy to get rid of. Every day for me is a mystery for me. I never know what’s today going to be like.  You want to know how I succeed in every run I keep hope and persistence and that’s the key to success.

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