My life as a tiger

My first memory, my mother feeding me. I felt warm and almost fuzzy,she licked me across the cheek and and lifted me from my neck with her razor teeth. My father killed, murdered by a poacher. Originally i was the one the poacher planned to take but my father took him far away so i would not have had to see him die. His last words shattered my soul.Panting and looking me in the eye before ushering the poacher away he said to me with tears in his eyes “Kai, spread your wings and live your life to its fullest because i am going to live mine through your eyes”Drops of tears began running down my face as in his eyes i could see the pain of leaving “I love you both, take care of your mother!” He yelled as he began to run away.

I am now no longer a cub i am a 10 year old tiger who is about to earn his stripes. To fill you in when a tiger turns 10 there is sort of a test. In this test we begin with testing our hunting skills and see who can hunt a prey first. Then we have a logic test to see who can figure out where others are before they can attack us.Last but not least the strength test.The most important fight of your life,where you will be tested in a fight against one tiger also going through the test.

I told my mother before i left “I love you, trust me”I was so confident i forgot to practice. All the tigers seemed so stressed but i stood tall believing i could do anything. In the first test i had some difficulty so i failed but knew that there was still two more tests i needed to pass to earn my stripes. After failing the second test i got a little worried. All i knew was that i needed to master this fight to pass and that was going to be really difficult.

After being placed in the ring i tried attacking but the other tiger. With that being unsuccessful i attempted defending, the other tiger was quite bulky and so every time he threw an attack and missed, i could feel the hard force in the wind hitting me.I tripped then blackness

I awoke to see my mother. She told me that i failed the test and had to leave the pack,the tribe. With pure shame i walked away beginning my journey to some where far away. During my journey i discovered that our enemy the cheetah’s has joined forces with the wolves to destroy and kill us all.

I immediately sprinted back to the tribe to inform everyone and prepare for a battle. At first no one believed me but then more evidence kept on rolling in.When the battle began i bolted towards our main enemy the leader of the cheetahs Xandiler. I jumped on him and using my teeth pulled his throat out , separating his head from the rest of his body.

After winning the battle i was granted a pass, earned my stripes and was crowned head leader of the pack.

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