My Life As A Tiger And Ambulance

“ROAR!” The sound echoes across the vast canyon and bounces back to me. A lake lies behind me but it is a cold day and I have no interest in swimming. Poachers are coming and I have to get to safety. My stripes make me nearly invisible in the jungle and I see many an animal I would normally stop and take the time to hunt, but cannot. Not today. Suddenly the smell of smoke fills my nose and acrid fuel. Trees are burning and birds are taking flight. Gunshots are ringing through the air and birds are screaming as they fall into the flames. The poachers. I have seen many a brave friend die in the hands of humans, their metal thunder sticks making a tiny hole, but destroying everything inside. But not all of them are as evil as they seem. Some are nice. They feed us and tend to our wounds. Some who wear the colour of the jungle and carry metal thunder sticks, they are nice as well. They attack the poachers and stop them from killing us all. But, as always there is a down side to this. Some poachers also wear the jungle colours, and then they kill us. It is a bad life, but keep hope young cub for my stories are over. Keep my advice at heart and you will grow into a strong and wise leader.

My life as an ambulance.
Our story starts on the planet K!/(D)*A#EOP in FACTORY 9195. There a prototype has been built. The Reflective Ambulance. It reflects all bullets and can reflect light in a way that makes it unseen to others. The ideal war machine. Who wants their hands on it? That’s right, the KDI. An interplanetary “elite” fighting force. Perfect for their high rate of casualties wars.
“Screech!” My tires automatically turn off road. I have the General Korolov in the back and the drivers have turned on the modified Natrins. “ZZZZZ-FCHFCHFCHFCH! ZZZZZ-FCHFCHFCHFCH!” The Natrins have opened fire on the enemy choppers and jeeps. “NEEEEEEWBANG!” 1 of the choppers falls. I have never seen this much excitement in all my years. As an ambulance of the Reflective Corps I have only experience in taking the lowliest of soldiers either back to the frontline or from it. All injuries I have seen. Burns, limb dismemberment, battle fatigue, you name it I’ve seen it. The HQ was just ahead. “BOOM!” The choppers had hit the automatic controls. The door to HQ was shutting. We had to get the general into the HQ before the door shut. The jeeps accelerated to cut us off. HQ’s turrets opened fire. “BOOM!” A jeep exploded, followed by another one. The doors were just wide enough for me to fit through. “Screech!” We had made it.

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