My life as an ambulanceđźš‘

I wake up in the middle of the night and hear the siren. I quickly get up and get some supplies, like a stretcher, an oxygen mask, a cast, etc. We would have had the supplies but it was night time. We usually didn’t have an emergency but tonight we did. I started driving straight away while my assistant, Tyler, turned the siren on the truck on. We had some of our paramedics at the back. They’re names were Anne, Casey, Paul, Will, and John. I tried to drive as fast as I could since someone had just cut their neck with a knife accidentally. The story was that a young woman was cooking. Her husband was playing some music while holding a knife in the kitchen and dancing. He hat accidentally hit the young women.

At the scene

I had to go fast otherwise if I went at the normal speed, the women would have lost too much blood and pass away. We finally got there. The door was unlocked so we ran in with the supplies we needed. The kitchen floor had a puddle of blood and women lying down. We held the cloth in the area where the cut was to stop the bleeding. I held the cloth while the rest of the people put her on the stretcher. We put an oxygen mask on her. She was breathing ok but she definitely needed some help. We put lifted her stretcher in the back, with the paramedics.

In the hospital

We got to the hospital safely. I ran to room 105 in the hall and opened the door while Casey and Anne lifted the women on the stretcher. Her name was Madison Templeton. She was in a lot of pain. The heart rate monitor was beeping really fast, we had to save her by doing CPR. We doing the CPR but it is not making any difference. Joan walked in and did it one more time.

We saved her!

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