My life as an ambulance

Ever since i was little i was told how important the job of an ambulance is, and that i need to be the best ambulance ever. Also I’ve had to watch my model brother be the best ambulance in the town of Mayorsville. The thing was that i didn’t want to be an ambulance because i don’t like seeing injured people. I wanted to be a school bus, to help and see happy children going and coming back from school. Unfortunately my builder and his friends from the government force me to do something i dislike very much.

I never actually was in a situation where someone was injured and i never wanted to be in that scenario. One day a man in a black and white suit came to my builder. I overheard them talking about me starting to be a real ambulance. The idea of that made my engine fuel freeze. Soon some nurses came and began filling me up with different medical tools and necessities. I began having butterflies in my fuel box.

My home was in the workshop but for some reason they recently transferred me into a government facility centre. I slept peacefully until i began hearing loud ear melting sirens. A bunch of paramedics and nurses ran into my back section. I was panicking but held my urge to have an anxiety attack. The officers in the see where constantly screaming at there walkie talkie. They where saying something about a man whose arm was cut off during a wood cutting project. Thinking about all the blood made me want to turn back but i needed to do my job.

Soon after reaching they pull the man onto the rolling bed and past me. The sight of the arm severed man made me paralyzed with fear. When the driver attempted to turn me one i was too shocked to. Me not being to able to function successfully the driver called another ambulance to pick the injured man up. Later after the man was taken to the hospital i was towed back to the workshop as my career ended.

When the builder took a look to see what he could do with me we finally agreed on a school bus!My dream job come true. The others were not as happy from my major career drop but i was happy and so where the kids.

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