My life as a book

Do you like reading books? Well for me I am a book. My name is Nancy Drew and my owner’s name is Emily star. I was born on the 27 of May, 2007 and I am 12 years old. I live in Melbourne, Werribee.

I wake up every morning excited for someone to pick me up from the shelf and read me. I am all about adventure and having fun. Millions of people love reading me day and night. I feel happy when I make others happy because making people happy is my thing. I have many friends and siblings some of their names are, Sam, Tom, Sandy and etc.

Everybody calls me N.D for short. I am the fifth oldest in my family. I am made out of paper, and plastic. The author uses ink to right about me. My best friends name is Amara and she is also all about adventure and fun. I can also get hurt when people throw me around and tear my skin. It makes me sad and hurtful. I like being a book when I am not getting hurt.

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