my life as a book.

“Watch it pal” yelled bob, as the librarian placed him and the other books in their designated spot.

“Bob no one except us fellows can understand you remember.” Said fanny (bob’s best friend).

“Oh yeah I forgot. See all humans think that we are just ordinary things with no feelings. Every time someone borrows us, we are treated like trash. It’s not fair. No one cares if we are being hurt. Like remember last time this kid took me home and used me as foot stool. I still have marks all over me. And remember when I came back with a hole through my body. It took me 1 year to get repaired.”

“Yes I know bob you have reminded me about… let’s see maybe a couple hundred thousand times.”

“Okay, okay don’t have a cow. Maybe I should write a complaint to the council.” Suggested bob.

“Don’t be silly. Why would anyone consider reading a complaint from a book?” argued fanny

“Still it’s worth a try.” Replied bob.

“I don’t care I am not helping you with this so called mission.” yelled fanny

“Fine!” responded bob

Later that afternoon.

“Fanny quick get over here. Look I gave a though to what you said and I am not going to write a complaint. Although I have found a solution to our safety problem. I thought maybe if we laminate all our pages than there is no way we can get damage. So what do you think?” questioned bob.

“I think that this is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. If someone left you out in the sun your laminated sheets would melt and that would hurt more.” Replied fanny

“Okay then. I will come up with a new idea before midnight. Do not disturb me please.” Commanded bob.

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