My life as a Book

Hi, my name is Darkwater and I was written by Georgia Blain. My life began in a printing factory where I was put together by a series of machines and then shipped off to a book store in Australia.

I was then picked up by a boy in his mid-teen, named Jim, for a school assignment.

He read me for 60 mins every day for a month. He would take me to school and read me in the class where I would meet my brothers and sisters.

Reading me would always bring him joy even when he was extremely gloomy. He would read me with so much concentration that he would almost forget all his surroundings.

After he had read me he put me on a bookshelf with other types of books. That is where I met my best friend Treasure Island. He was a very happy fellow and was always up for an adventure. He told me great stories of his travels and I would always be amazed by them.

I spent the rest of my life on that bookshelf with many other books and every few months I would find new books to befriend. Jim would read me every now and then, whenever he was bored. I love being read by people and sharing my stories with them.

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