Week # 23

We started the day with auditing who has been keeping up with their blog posts. Some kids have not been following instructions and keeping up, so the audit was followed by a bit of telling off. Hopefully, the kids will ensure that the tasks assigned are completed properly and on time.

How does a car work?

A few weeks ago, I asked the kids how a car works and most of them have a very basic idea of it. Today, I brought it up again and broke them up in 3 groups and they had to come up with the explanation together as a group and then present it.

After the presentation we discussed things a bit more, focusing on the “fuel” a bit more than the other parts. This resulted in a project for them to come up with some ideas on how a car can work that is powered by water. The kids are broken up in 2 groups with Zoha and Aleena as the leads. They will present their ideas in 2 weeks.

Parents and Kids

I have noticed with my kids that they would ask the question .. “how come you can do X and we can’t?”. So I wanted to bring this up and see if other kids were thinking like that too. We talked about responsibility and how the kids can become an active member of the household.

We talked about how the parents have to take care of a million things and they would appreciate if the kids helped them without being asked. Here were the tips we gave them:

  • Do your own homework without being asked about it
  • Keep your room clean and tidy
  • Help with the little chores around the house without being asked
  • Talk more with your family rather than looking down on your devices
  • Appreciate your parents more, give them a hug every now and then

Blog Topic

In keeping with the theme, this week’s topic is .. “My life as a book”. The central idea around this theme is to encourage kids to think from a very different perspective.

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