My life as an ant

Hi my name is: Milly the ant, today I will be telling you how it is like to be an ant! First let me tell you about myself: I live in a village called: Antville, I have 5 members in my family: my mum, dad, sister, brother and myself. Now I have told you a little bit about myself let’s move on to about the life of an ant. So all us ants have six legs and 2 antlers. Sadly we are dying because most of us are getting squashed by big giants! These big monsters have been historical in the ant world. So all the ants have to get their food by searching everywhere, once my dad came home after 5 hours with just some bread, it’s really hard to find food for us sometimes. Did you know us ants are the longest living insects!

The End 

I hope you enjoyed!

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