My life as a book

I am a book. As ancient as Time itself. I was created by the first race of the cosmos. They call me “eye of knowledge.”  They say I see everything. I was given to them by the Universe herself.  My pages are bound with the finest universium and my pages are made from the very best cronium skin. The universe made sure I would be taken care of, but that was millennia ago and this race tires of me. Many are calling for my destruction. “The Universe knows best,” I think as I am dragged out to be burnt alive. I am put upon the pyre and it is lit. It takes time for me to catch fire, but when I do everyone cheers. Suddenly the ground and sky clash and gamma bursts rain from the sky. The Universe herself had come to save me. A miracle itself! The Universe destroyed the planet, then it saved me. ”I shall take you to the MULTIVERSE!” it told me. The MULTIVERSE rested in the middle of a black hole. Passing through made me feel as if I was about to be ripped apart. “Now I shall send you to another world so you can work there.”  Said the MULTIVERSE. “Wait, WHAT?!?!” “ZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!!”

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