My life as a book

I was born in a factory like the other millions of books in the world. But i always thought i was going to be special. My name is free spirit. Every time a sad person read me, they would become happy. I was a motivational book.

I lived in a bookstore called the owls nest. Where my owner, Micheal always recommended me to others. Here in Alaska, the people don’t have many other hobby options except reading so books were pretty popular. I had been borrowed and read many times but never bought. Slowly all my book friends were being bought. Slowly i was getting more and more lonely. Days turned to weeks turned to months of being lonely. Unfortunately i was not the only one getting lonely. The shop had less customers so was closing down.

On the second last day of the official closing of the shop their was a large clearance sale and that was my last chance to be bought.I sat on the shelf waiting for someone to pick me up but no one did until the actual last day. Micheal was packing up and closing the boxes when we heard a knock on the window.When we looked it was Ariah, our best customer.She always comes in to buy some books. I got excited so i flicked through my pages.”Hey Ariah,what can i get for you”Micheal leaned on one of the boxes and sighed “I was actually wondering if you still have that copy of free spirit?” I was immediately triggered so i made myself standout. Ariah picked me up and handed fifteen dollars to Micheal.

As Ariah took me home i was over thrilled of joy and so excited to meet the rest of the books.When we got their she opened the door and it was like a library. I was so exciting.She looked around for a second then put me onto a shelf.As i got on the shelf i realized the books on it were my family!All the books by the same author. Reunited at last.

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